A Greener Kitchen - Saving Water

Every drop of drinking water is precious, especially during drought times. You can save water in many places in your house including the kitchen.

Run that Kitchen Sink Water Faucet Less

Here are some tips to using less water from your kitchen faucet:

1) If you need hot water be sure to collect the water in a bucket or bowl why you are waiting for the water to heat up. Then you can use that water later to water plants or rinse dishes.

2) Plan ahead and thaw frozen foods overnight in the refrigerator rather than under running water.

3) Rather than rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, try scraping them. If this just won't work, then rinse in a tub of water rather than under running water.

4) Limit your sink disposal use to a minimum when possible.

5) If you wash dishes by hand, wash them right after you use them, that way the food doesn't harden and you can wash dishes with less water (it's a lot easier wash them this way as well!).

Ideas on conserving water use from your dishwasher:

1) Always run full loads. Get the most washing out of each run.

2) Select the short cycle option. This can reduce your water consumption in half!

3) Program the dishwasher cycles for the fewest washes and rinses. Saving water.

4) Plan ahead to use the fewest dishes you can for eating and cooking. Less dishes = less loads = less water usage. (Also less power!).

5) Wash the really big dishes and pans by hand. This saves space in the dishwasher and can use less water.