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TV power consumption

There are a lot of different types of televisions in the market today. What type of TV you have can impact the amount of power you use when your TV is on. One thing to keep in mind is that the size of the screen has an impact on the power as well. The smaller the TV screen the lower the power consumption. Here's a brief over view of the power consumption used by different TV technologies:

Rear Projection TV's:

TV's with rear projection use the lowest power per square inch at around 0.15 Watts per square inch. However, keep in mind that these TV's are often larger, so if you get a 70" rear projection TV, expect that it will consume some power.


The amount of power consumed by LCD TV's can vary greatly depending on the brand as well as the set up of the TV. As an average, though, you can figure an LCD will consume around 0.30 Watts per square inch, or about twice the power inch of a similar sized rear projection TV.

Plasma TV's:

This technology is the most power hungry of all at 0.35 to 0.40 Watts per square inch. Many people who go out adn buy large plasma TV's are stunned when they see their first post-plasma power bill.

Ways to save power with the TV you have

- Turn off the TV when not watching - this is the obvious way, but many people keep their TV on for background noise or to go to sleep.

- Watch less TV - may be a crazy idea, but try other power-free ways of entertainment like reading or playing outside.

- Turn off the HDTV quick start option - many new HDTVs have a quick start option. This feature uses more back up power when the TV is off. It only takes a few more seconds to start up the TV without this and it can save a lot of power to turn it off.

- If you have an LCD TV, try turning down the backlight. This can save power and may not make a lot of difference in the television's picture quality.

- Watch TV as a family or group - Try to get out of the habit of having 3 or 4 TV's on in the house. If you can watch TV together, you will lower your TV power use.