A Greener School School Bus

Would you like to help make your school a greener place? There are often many areas where schools can help make the environment cleaner, safer, and greener for all of us. Some ideas are:

Recycling of electronics and computers

Schools use a surprising amount of computers and electronics. Just recently our school got all new flat panel screens. Well, that sounds great, but what happened to the 100 or so giant computer monitors that we didn't need any more? Well, they were properly recycled, but this doesn't always happen. It's extremely bad for the environment to just throw electronics or computers in the trash. Computers are built out of connectors, semiconductors, circuit boards, and other items that contain heavy metals and even toxic chemicals. There is almost no way to dispose of these items safely in a manner that is good for the environment. They can, however, be recycled or even refurbished and reused.

So next time you see a new set of speakers or computers or even a new DVD player in your school, be sure to ask what happened to the old one and if it was properly recycled.

Green School Project

The Green School Project http://greenschoolproject.com/ is an organization that pays schools to recycle print cartridges, inkjet cartridges, PDAs, and cell phones. If your school or class is interested be sure to check out their web site.

Healthy, Organic, and Local Food

It may not sound fun, but eating hamburgers and fries everyday is not only bad for you, but could be bad for the environment. We need to take care of our bodies just like we do our planet. Eating healthy and organic food can be better for you and for the environment.

One way you can help is by setting an example and eating healthy. You could also ask your teacher if your class can plant an organic garden. You can learn how organic food can have a positive impact on our health and our world.

Find out if your school uses food and produce produced by local farmers. Food that is produced locally doesn't have to be transported as far and saves on fuel and pollution helping our environment.