A Greener Home Go green at home

The home is a great place to start unpaving your personal road to being green. You can make a huge impact to the environment with a few minor changes to your lifestyle. We've included ways to save energy, water, recycle, reduce pollution and more. Each of us must do their part to save our planet and we should all start at home.

Be Green by Saving Energy in the Kitchen

Kitchen appliances typically make up around 30 percent of a home's total energy consumption. Any energy savings you can make in the kitchen are going to have an impact on your overall home's energy usage.

Saving Water in the Kitchen

Every drop of drinking water is precious, especially during drought times. You can save water in many places in your house including the kitchen.

Saving Energy at Home

There are a lot of actions you can take to save energy in your home.

The first place to consider is the kitchen, which typically accounts for 30 percent of a home's energy consumption. See our Saving Energy in the Kitchen page for more details.

Here are some other energy saving links for the home. The cool thing is that some of these you can do for free. Even on the tips that may cost a bit out of your pocket today, they will save you money over the long run. So you can help save the environment, while saving money. What a deal!

HVAC (Heating and Air Conditioning) tips for saving energy


Lighting accounts for around 9% of the power usage in a typical home. You can reduce this by being sure to turn lights off when not needed, not leaving lights on when you are not home, moving to lower power light bulbs, and not leaving lights on all night.

TV power consumption

Saving Water at Home

Other Tips for Saving Energy at home:

- turn off your computer when you are not using it, especially at night or when you are leaving the house