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What's the deal with organic food?

There's a lot of talk about organic food being good for your health as well as the environment, but what exactly is organic food?

First there is organic produce. In general, organic produce is food that was grown without using artificial fertilizers, sewage, or conventional pesticides. It also means that the produce was processed with additives.

For organic meat, it means that the animals were raised without using growth hormones, the regular use of antibiotics, or being modified genetically.

All these things mean that the food is more natural for your body. It also means that the farm the food was grown on has less impact on the environment.

Because of the above reasons, organic food is becoming easier to come by and (hopefully) cheaper. The term "organic food" is now regulated by many governments, so you know you are really getting organic food if that is the way it is advertised.

Local produce and food

Another way to help the environment with your food is to use local produce and food. The main advantage here is that the transportation of the food had less impact on the environment. Food shipped all over the world by boat, plane, and truck can generate pollution and use energy that locally transported food will not. You can also help out your local farmers by buying their food. Local food can be fresher as well.