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Electric Vehicles

Electric cars and vehicles sound like something from science fiction, but they are fast becoming a reality. These cars get their power from batteries that are charged with electricity. The car runs until the batteries run out of power and then they need to recharged.

Electric vehicles are cool for many reasons:

  • 1) Good for the environment - of course this is the key reason we like electric vehicles here at Enviroduck. The car or vehicle itself emits no pollution. Of course the plant where the electricity is generated will likely generate some pollution, but as we move toward cleaner electricity from sources like wind, water, or the sun this will become less and less.
  • 2) Energy efficient - electric vehicles use up to 75% of the energy from the batteries to power the car. Typical gas guzzling engines only use around 20% of the energy in gas.
  • 3) Better engines - electric engines have a number of improvements over internal combustion engines including smoother and more powerful acceleration, easier and cheaper to maintain, and they run quieter. So less noise pollution too! We really like that at Enviroduck.
  • 4) Home grown energy - like alternative fuels, cars that run off of electric energy help reduce dependence on oil from foreign countries.

  • Of course, today's electric vehicles aren't quite perfect. The batteries in electric vehicles can take up to 8 hours to charge (and you thought 10 minutes at the gas pump was a long time!) and they are expensive and don't last forever (big bucks to replace). Also, even though the battery packs are huge and heavy, the driving range of the average EV is about half of an equivalent gas auto.

    The good news is that scientists and engineers are working hard to make electric vehicles cheaper, better, and more available to the general public. In the coming years we hope to hear the quiet wind of electric motors all over the roads of our planet. We'll be enjoying the fresh air too!

    Fuel Cell Cars and Vehicles

    Fuel cell cars are similar to electric cars in that they run off of electricity. However, fuel cell cars actually generate their own electricity rather than being charged like electric cars. The technology behind fuel cells involves a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. It will still be a few years until fuel cell cars are available to the general public, but there is much excitement over how these cars and technology could change our world.

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