Driving Techniques to Conserve Gas Driving fast lowers gas mileage

Although the gas mileage rating of your car is probably the most important factor in what gas mileage you actually get, how you drive can have a big impact on the fuel efficiency of your car.

Here are some driving techniques that can help you save money and gas. As an added bonus, many of these driving habits are also safer and will allow your car to last longer. All good things for our world and our environment:

  • 1) Don't speed - The faster you go, especially above 60 miles per hour, the lower your gas mileage is going to be. Those awesome highway estimates you get when you buy your car are not rated at 75 mph. A rule of thumb, is that it can cost you 20 to 25 cents per gallon more for each additional 5 mph you drive over 60mph.
  • 2) Drive smooth - by driving smooth, we mean don't rapidly accelerate and the slam on the brakes. Pull out and accelerate slowly. Plan ahead and coast into stops, when possible. This can increase your gas mileage by anywhere from 5 to 35 percent.
  • 3) Don't sit around - don't run your car in idle when not needed. If you are stopped somewhere turn off the engine. If it's hot, roll down a window.
  • 4) Inflate those tires - this one isn't really a driving technique, but keeping your tires properly inflated can save on gas and will help them last longer.
  • 5) Use the overdrive gear and cruise control - when taking long trips be sure to get your car in the overdrive gear and use the cruise control. This will help you to "drive smooth" and save on gas.
  • 6) Take that box of books out of the trunk - don't lug around heavy items when not needed. The extra weight will be a drag on your gas mileage.
  • 7) Use the recommended grade of oil
  • 8) Use the AC a bit less.

  • Of course the easiest way to save on gas is to drive less. Some ideas for driving less include car pooling with others, riding the train or bus, riding a bike, walking, and planning your trips to get the most done with the least amount of driving.

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