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Carbon Footprints

Carbon Footprint refers to the amount of carbon dioxide, or CO2, a person generates through their activities. These activities include such things as transportation (driving, flying, riding a bus, etc.) and energy use (lights, electricity, etc.). It can also include indirect activities like going to a restaurant, throwing trash away, or even eating food. This is because when you go to a restaurant your presence there is causing more energy to be used and, therefore, more carbon generated.

Usually a total Carbon Footprint is shown in the tons (or tonnes) of CO2 that a person generates in a year. The average throughout the world varies depending on where you live. For example, the average carbon footprint for a citizen of the United States is around 20 tons, while the average for the UK is closer to 10 tons.

Every person is different, though, depending on their lifestyle and activities. You can figure your carbon footprint with our Carbon Footprint Calculator. Once you do this, you can see where the majority of your CO2 emissions are coming from and then you can best alter your activities to have the biggest impact in helping to lower your carbon footprint.

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